Becanada - HOW TO VIDEOS - Power Submitter and FAQs

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How to Use Software Audio / Video Presentation Center

This section is designed to help you learn to master various versions of BECANADA software via visual click by click, step by step, screen by screen  references and/or "Real Player" audio/video presentations AND contains links to "FAQs / Troubleshooting for each software".


Please access the CORRECT how to presentation for the version of software you have currently.

Power Submitter Version 9.5 and higher

Release notes:

Power Submitter version 9.5 will be released in Jan 2003. Upgrades to current users of older versions will be sent via email during the first 1/4 of 2003 to the email address ON FILE to you FREE OF CHARGE. Please watch for this notification. Version 9.5 is a complete update to all systems, interfaces, and so on.

Currently we are on Version 10.03.

Troubleshooting Section:

This section is for help in program operations - for downloading faq, errors, troubleshooting, and Faqs please click here

Learn how to use  Section:

For Power Submitter version 9.5 and higher the following real audio/visual presentations are available. Please note you need Real Player version 7 Basic OR higher installed to view these presentations properly. You can get it free here [you may have to "hunt for it", but there is a free version]. The following presentations are real time streaming presentations - which mean there is no download required. Please allow up to a minute for pre-loading of images/audio.

During the presentations you can RIGHT CLICK over the window, and choose "zoom" to set the screen to "full screen" or "double size" for easier reading.

SEE BELOW for links to DOWNLOAD videos and play directly on your computer if you can not play online.


Supplementary information:


Download Links for above videos*:


Supplementary information:


* How to download and play on your computer:

  1. Click on above link[s] ; download and SAVE to your computer. Note location [folder] you saved them to.
  2. Then open "My Computer" and location where you saved the file[s].
  3. RIGHT click over each file; choose EXTRACT and the "folder" name.
  4. Repeat for ALL videos files.
  5. Then open each NEW folder with "extracted files" ; click on "START-VIDEO" file.
  6. If you need a file extractor ; google "winzip" or "rar extractor" - they are free.
  7. You will need "realplayer" installed to play videos ; download at:

Power Submitter Version 8 to 9.3

Troubleshooting Section / Errors / FAQs

This section is for help in program operations - for downloading faq, errors, troubleshooting, and Faqs please click here

Learn how to use

Special note to 8 to 9.3 users:

The A/V presentations for version 9.5 above can be used for version 8-9.3 users - BUT, there are significant user interface differences in terms of appearance and some options are NOT available in older versions. Please see the visual reference click by click, step by step for Power Submitter below FIRST. For your reference, the "How to fill in ad forms detailed information", "How to use Repromote feature", and "How to do single ad submissions to one site at a time " ABOVE can be directly used for reference by version 8-version 9.3 users [note of course VISUALLY there will be some differences, but the steps are the same].

For step by step, click by click full screen shots of How To Power Submitter operation, click here .

Please allow a few minutes to load.

Relatively speaking version 8-9.3 uses drop down boxes, whereas version 9.5 uses buttons and additional sections to access sections of the software and do actions for submissions.

Learn how to use Auto-Browser

This sections covers the basics of Auto-Browser operations step by step, click by click. Auto-Browser is a helper applications designed to aid in the submissions of more sites and is included with all Becanada software. This may take a few minutes to load...

Click HERE to access the screen by screen, click by click , step by step visual reference.